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Breaking Bad: Season Two

I finished Breaking Bad season 2 and 3 (DVDs borrowed from library - ‘Yeah, Libraries!’) and I’ve come to a conclusion: This show is freaking awesome!

I didn't really make enough notes this time around while watching (I think I was mostly too caught up in the show to remember to note-take (which I suppose is a good sign) so this a post on some of my (haphazard) general thoughts (and also squee-ing) on the pure freaking awesomeness that this show is. (And also beggings for Jesse to stop breaking my heart)

(Naturally, BIG ole spoilers for those who haven’t seen Breaking Bad)

Seven Thirty-Seven down over ABQCollapse )

Not dead

Sorry for the no posting as of late, I have been super busy lately (and also gained some teeny tiny semblance of a life, which turns out to be somewhat time-consuming. Who knew?)
But -- I have finally gotten my hands on some more Breaking Bad! And it is awesome! Finished Season 2, and the first half of Season 3, [spoiler for Breaking Bad season 3:] (left to dangle over that cliff’s edge of Hank shot and dying in the parking lot after the confrontation with 'The Cousins') (also: that scene was AWESOME!) and just waiting on the last half from the Library. (P.S. Yay Libraries! Free DVD rentals are so much cheaper than expensive Blockbuster rentals!) I was liking Breaking Bad more and more during season 2, and now I can officially say: I LOVE it! (And still hopelessly love Jesse!)
Also been watching Six Feet Under (and liking it more than I thought I would) and have been lent Skins DVDs by a friend to watch, which I hear good things about.
Will work on more Buffy rewatch posts as soon as I can scrap together some time. (And the sooner I can finish posts on season 5, the sooner I can start watching season 6 - waiting part-way through a rewatch-athon is torture!)

Rewatch: Buffy 5x11 – Triangle

First, she gave us the world without shrimp. Then, she gave us the snoopy dance. Now, she gives us the flowery-onion thing. All hail Jane Espenson! What would our Buffyverse be without her?

XANDER: You ever have that feeling where there's something you know you're supposed to do and you forgot what it was?
ANYA: Nope.
XANDER: I've been having that feeling, I just realized what it was. Like three weeks ago Riley asked me to borrow a crescent wrench. I keep having this feeling like I'm supposed to give it to him.
ANYA: Well, that's not going to happen unless he comes back. You know, not to get the crescent wrench. Just to come back.
They've got this onion thing...Collapse )


A Slayer Slays, A Watcher Watches.

These are just some thoughts I had buzzing round my head one night as I was trying to sleep. It’s also kinda as much of (well, more of) a rant than it is some thinky-thoughty thing. It’s been sitting as a file on my computer for a while, so since I’m behind on Rewatch posts due to computery issues (and busy-ness, and laziness cough cough) I figure I’d post this now, rather than wait til after I’d posted the Rewatch of Checkpoint as I had originally planned. Aintcha lucky?

Why doesn’t the Watchers Council not only train the Potential Slayers and put them in the field – they do have extra Slayer strength, even if not as much as a The Slayer, they could make a big difference – but also train volunteers? Train people to slay too, and send them, Potentials and volunteers, over the world.

One girl in Sunnydale can take of Sunnydale, sure - but what about other cities, states, countries? Cleveland? They could have armies all over the world, instead they leave the fate of the world on the shoulders of one teenage girl, leave it to her, and her alone, to fight for their cause.
And when that Slayer needs back up? Instead of having the graduating class of ’99 backing her up, she could have had a Watchers Council trained army behind her. Not to mention resources. So she doesn’t have to break into military bases when she wants a rocket launcher. Because I think we all know what an inconvenience that can be.

Without a Slayer, you're pretty much just watchin' Masterpiece Theater.Collapse )
...for computer problems. Well, internet problems. Stupid internet.
I'll hopefully be catching up on finishing some Buffy Rewatch and Weekly Watch posts, as well as some 'meta'-ish type ones I'm working on.

Rewatch: Buffy 5x10 – Into the Woods

WILLOW: What time is it?
XANDER: There's a clock behind you, Will.
WILLOW: (pouty) I know, but there's a watch right above your hand.
Xander shows her his watch. Willow frowns.
WILLOW: That can't be right. (Turns to look at the clock above nurses' station) Oh.
'I dislike that Anya. She's newly human and strangely literal.'Collapse )


Weekly Watch: [06/02] Texas Forever.

Late late late. I feel like the white rabbit. The white rabbit with computer problems. This is last weeks; this weeks will be coming…eventually. And hopefully a Buffy or two soon.

Glee: 2x11 The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

SUE: Even things I used to think were hilarious – case in point, Sandbags, slap yourself with a chicken cutlet. (Santana slaps herself with the cutlet) Now slap Brittany. (Santana slaps Brittany with the cutlet) – see, not even a chuckle.

[GLEE] It's like a double rainbow. A zombie double rainbow.Collapse )
Greek: 4x06 Fumble

Casey is asleep and her alarm goes off. She reaches for it, and throws it against the wall.

CAPPIE: Touchdown!

[GREEK] Welcome to Cappieland!Collapse )
Glee: 2x12 Silly Love Songs

This episode was so much better than the Super Bowl episode.

[GLEE] I had a cat thrown at me at a nursing home once.Collapse )
Friday Night Lights: 4x13 Always

Because this post was too large (stupid LJ) Friday Night Lights is here.

The Vampire Diaries: 2x14 Crying Wolf

The episode opens with the werewolves piling up and burning the bodies of their dead friends. They do that a lot.

[TVD] "Just don’t kill her. Please." "If I did, who would report her death?"Collapse )
Supernatural: 6x13 Unforgiven

We open with a flashback to Rhode Island, One Year Ago, and Sammy is shooting something (multiple something’s) offscreen like he was swatting bugs, in that that disaffected soulless way.

[SPN] One of dad's rules – you never use the same crapper twice.Collapse )
It’s done. It’s really done. After tears and smiles and more tears, the Lights have gone out in Dillon.

[FNL] Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…Yeah, we’ll deal with that later.Collapse )
Oh, Pushing Daisies, how I miss you. It was one of the first shows I knew of/watched from its first announcement, fell (hard) for, and then had to live the excruciating process of seeing it’s numbers drop (DAMN YOU WRITERS STRIKE!) and then the heart-breaking cancellation. *tears* *tears*.
Pushing Daises is my happy show. I cannot watch five damn minutes of this show, without getting this stupid, goofy, swoonily-in-love, smile on my face. It makes me so happy! I usually like my shows with some dark and grit and angst, but I’ll be damned if this magical little show doesn’t make my heart grow three sizes. And then shatter into one billion pieces as I know that it’s cancelled. Gone from this world. It hurts as much (if not more *!! je gasp !!* than Firefly)

But to the point: I caught the Pie-lette on TV just now, here’s my little (long) squee post.
(P.S. If you’ve never seen the show, I dare you to watch the Pie-lette, and not be completely enchanted.)

At this very moment in the town of Coeur d’Coeurs...Collapse )

Rewatch: Buffy 5x09 - Listening To Fear

I'm kinda 'meh' on this episode, but even the meh-est of Buffy episodes has it's awesome moments and hi-larious one-liners...

Don't you be that kind of barn owl!Collapse )